Monday, 30 September 2013

Salem Practitioner Blogs About Her Course Experience

It is always fantastic when Salem™ students write about their experience of certifying with us. This week we found a very useful blog from Disha who accredited as a Certified Salem™ Practitioner earlier this year. Here is a link to her blog and if you are as yet undecided, here is her completely independent view of taking the online certification course:

From the Salem™ team at Morgan & Wolfe, thank you Disha for taking the time to write about the course.

Dell Corporation SharePoint Architect Discusses Salem Benefits

Simon Farquharson, SharePoint Architect at Dell Corporation has recently taken part in an audio interview discussing his personal experiences of studying the Salem™ framework and the benefits this has brought him. We have added the audio interview to the website for your benefit to gain some clear & independent feedback. Simon has this year successfully completed both his Certified Salem™ Practitioner and Certified Salem™ Master accreditations. In this interview his views are expressly his own.

Microsoft Finance Working Lunch Series Welcomes Salem™

Morgan & Wolfe is proud to be featured as the September guest contributor for Microsoft Finance for their excellent and exciting Working Lunch series. An MP4 of the session and interview with the Salem™ author and the Microsoft Working Lunch presenters is available on the official Microsoft blog website. More information is now available here. You can also now listen in to the full Microsoft broadcast recording including the full conversation with the Salem author by downloading the Microsoft audio recording here.